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Helping motivated moms return to running safely without injury or pelvic floor issues!

Do you want to get back to running successfully after babies–no matter if your baby is 2 days, 2 months or 2+ years old? 

Do you want to start working back to your pre-baby mileage and pace?

Are you trying to fit it all in while managing work and/or motherhood full time?

Let me show you how.

Book your FREE Postpartum Return to Run Planning Session today!

My goal is to help moms return to running successfully postpartum without injury or pelvic floor issues. I will help you meet your running goals, whatever those are. I will give you the tools you need to manage recovery, pelvic floor health and injury prevention while still managing motherhood! 

My Story

“Time. That’s the only thing that will help.”

This is what my doctor told me about my SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction) after I had my second child in 2018. He told me this at my 6 week check up and then again at another follow up at some point after that.

I remember thinking, how could the passing of time be the only answer to this pain that I was having? 

Some days I felt like I was still pregnant with the amount of discomfort I had. Some days I had to choose what or how much activity I could do because of it.

I waited until 8 weeks postpartum to start running again. Surely that was long enough! (spoiler alert: it wasn’t!) Why wasn’t my body cooperating? Why did my lower abs hurt so much? Why did my pelvis still feel like it was separating and my insides feel like they were going to fall out when I ran?


What a terribly incomplete and inadequate answer. 

Some might argue that an OB doesn’t have the expertise or knowledge to give advice regarding exercise postpartum. That it’s out of their scope of practice and it’s not their fault that they don’t know.

I would argue that if I’m seeing a provider for my postpartum check up, he or she should at least have some of the answers or point me in the right direction. 

I didn’t get either.

I tried doing exercises I already knew. I tried gradually increasing my running distance. I tried pushing through it (not smart!) I tried more rest days.

But even up until around 10 or 11 months postpartum, I was still having pain either during or after a run–sometimes both. And I was only running once a week at best. 

I was devastated that I couldn’t run as much or as often as I wanted to. I was angry every time I went out for a “test” run just to see where I was at, because I still was nowhere near where I hoped I would be recovery-wise.

When was it going to stop? When would I feel “normal” again?

Was I doing the wrong exercises? I was doing what I thought was the right thing. 

I looked up SPD exercises but the research is so vague on what to do. “Stability exercises”? How would I know if I was choosing the right ones? 

Return to running programs had exercises that weren’t great for my pelvis. 

Postpartum rehab programs weren’t specific to running.

Was I overthinking it? Why all the disconnect? 

Why didn’t I know what I should do to get myself better? As a PT, this was beyond frustrating. As a postpartum mom, it was overwhelming. And as a runner, it was disheartening. 

I reached a point where I was just fed up with it all. 

Instead of giving up. I dug in.

I decided to connect the missing links and put it all together. I needed a program that was going to take me from delivery to successfully running again. I have come across nothing like this out there. 

So, I designed my own program by incorporating pelvic floor work with core and stability exercises as well as exercises specific to runners. 

Using this framework of progressive exercise for the mother runner to rebuild core and pelvic floor, I was finally able to return to running—regularly. And without pain holding me back!!

I was able to finally run my first race postpartum. A 5k stroller run–two years ago exactly! (How funny, my FB memory just popped up today!). And I even placed in my age group!! 

That opened the doors for me to be able to dream bigger…and I signed up for and trained for a stroller half marathon. (And yes, I finished it, pushing my son the whole way!!)

I’m now exactly 6 months postpartum with baby #3. I just completed a four-run week. 

And that feels AMAZING! 

I followed my progressive exercise framework this time around. From the beginning. Starting right after delivery. Not only is my SPD SO much better, but my running is SO much better!!

I have no pain during my runs. Occasionally, I’m sore the day after. But it’s completely manageable. It no longer limits me in any way. I don’t have to choose among running, gardening or going for a walk in the woods with my kids. 

I can do all of it.

And you can too! My own journey has made me passionate about helping moms get back to running postpartum without pain, injury or pelvic floor issues. 

If you’re a motivated mom who wants to get back to running after Baby, smoothly, successfully and without setbacks, I have only 4 spots left in my Postpartum Return to Run Program.

In this program you’ll go from immediate postpartum/early recovery (just after delivery) to running successfully again!

This is only for ambitious, motivated moms who are ready to invest in their postpartum health.

If this is you, send me a message for more details or sign up for a free planning session to see if you qualify for this opportunity.

Once these spots fill, the price is going up. It will never be run at this price again.

Message me to sign up now if you want the lowest price it will ever be!

Getting back to running after baby successfully is possible for you. Let me show you how.

Book your FREE Postpartum Return to Run Planning Session today!

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Hi, I’m Rachel: physical therapist, yoga teacher, runner, mom of 3, and wife.  I have run marathons, ultra-marathons and have done triathlons up to Ironman distance. I have adventured thru hiking for weeks on both coasts. I have run through two pregnancies and I have lots to offer moms and moms-to-be on their pregnancy and postpartum running journeys. You can find out more about me, my qualifications and accomplishments here.