Women’s Ultimate Guide to Run Gear

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Are you ever wondering what to wear given the season or time of year? What about hydration, fuel, safety? Having trouble finding bras or underwear that are working through pregnancy and/or postpartum?

This FREE pdf guide will cover all the basics for you. Brand recommendations (of brands that I LOVE and use and can totally recommend with confidence!!) are provided as a starting point for all your clothing and gear searches.

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What this guide includes

This guide includes information on gear essentials in the following categories:

  • summer/winter gear
  • socks/shoes
  • sports bras/underwear
  • safety/visibility gear
  • hydration/fuel recommendations
  • hold your gear essentials like packs and water bottles
  • watches and heart rate monitors
  • pregnancy and postpartum gear including sports bras, underwear and belly bands
Who this guide is for
  • all women runners
  • pregnant runners
  • postpartum runners
  • runners who are out in ALL conditions and need recommendations based on temperature, conditions, safety and visibility
  • runners who are looking for hydration, fuel and gear carry solutions
  • runners who complete long distance training and events and need packs, gear and fuel for their time out on the road or trail
  • recreational runners
  • competitive athletes
  • beginner runners who are looking to get started with gear in general or gear for a new distance
  • seasoned runners who are looking for new gear suggestions to replace their worn out gear or gear that just isn’t working for them any more
Why this guide?

I’ve been a runner since 2006 and have run through two pregnancies since. This guide offers you my own personal recommendations from literally years of gear testing.

This guide includes recommendations for low visibility and poor condition runs.  How many guides go beyond just clothing? (yes, there’s that, too!)

I’ve also included recommendations for growing pregnant bellies and sports bras that actually fit, hold you in place and work through pregnancy and postpartum!

How about belly bands? There are lots out there, but again, I’m including those that I can personally recommend from experience as a runner, and as a physical therapist, to know which ones work and are the best!

I’ve compiled a list of the BEST gear given whatever phase of running and/or motherhood you’re in, so you don’t have to go searching from scratch on your own.


This guide doesn’t just include brand recommendations. It goes beyond that.

For example, this guide also includes what to look for when buying certain items. It even provides information on when and how to measure for sports bras given pregnancy/postpartum.

I hope that you’ll find some gear on this list that works for you. I know runners can be quite particular about what they want and need, so hopefully you can find some gear and clothing that makes it onto your own “favorites” list!!

How does it work?

This is a super simple 3 page pdf download. All you have to do is enter your email address, confirm it’s you, and your copy will be delivered right to you!

About Me

I have been a runner since 2006 and have run marathons, ultramarathons and have done triathlons up to Ironman distance. I have adventured thru hiking for weeks on both coasts.

Additionally, I have run through two of my three pregnancies. With my second child, I dealt with SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction) both during and after pregnancy. I also nursed my second child for more than 2 years.

So needless to say, between my personal athletic accomplishments and “marathon” feats as a mother, I have definitely done my fair share of gear and clothing testing!

I’ve used so many different types of hydration systems, backpacks and fuel for my running and hiking events. I’ve also trialed a LOT of different brands for socks, shoes, bras, base layers, tights, etc.

Running through pregnancy and then into the postpartum period was a new experience for me and, I have to be honest, I found it difficult initially to get the right gear that fit properly and was functional (Hello, nursing baby right after every run!!).

I’ve also trialed numerous belly bands and was able to find one that helped decrease my SPD symptoms and allowed me to run until 40 weeks and 6 days with Baby #3!

So take these recommendations and suggestions and “run” with them! I hope you can find solutions to your running needs in this guide!

Happy Running!!


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