Postpartum Pelvic Floor Exercises

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Have you just delivered? Are you anxious to start working out again? Not sure what to do?

You can start these exercises immediately postpartum! And by immediately, I mean the day that you give birth, regardless of your method of delivery.

And if you’re further along postpartum (months, years, even) and still feel you need to heal from your birth experience, you can do these as well.

These exercises use a combination of deep, belly breathing along with small body movements and stretches for the body.

These postpartum exercises are gentle, intentional, and will feel really, really good to a tired, sore and fatigued postpartum body. They don’t take much time to do and you’ll likely be able to do them with your little one on the mat next to you or while he or she is in a bassinet or pack-n-play close by.

You might be able to get through all of them uninterrupted, or maybe your little one(s) have different plans for you! Either way, even doing just one or two of them will provide you with many benefits.

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Benefits of these exercises
  • Improve your posture
  • Realign your spine
  • “Close” and heal the body after giving birth
  • Help with pelvic floor health
  • Provide rest and relaxation
Pelvic floor symptoms might include
  • leaking or difficulty controlling your bladder or bowels
  • feeling of heaviness or dragging in the pelvic area
  • pain with intercourse
  • a degree of abdominal separation (diastasis recti) that cannot be controlled by contracting the abdominal wall. You would experience things like abdominal coning/doming or even sinking in.
  • pain in your back or pelvis that occurs during or after exercise (that is greater than a 4/10 on the 0-10 scale and does not subside quickly after)
What's included

>>An 18 page downloadable pdf with images and comprehensive descriptions of each exercise

>>Simple exercises that you can do anytime, anywhere in the comfort of your own home

>>This program includes the following information:

  • Intro and Background
  • How to find Zero Balance in the alignment of your body
  • Exercises to help close your abdomen following pregnancy, labor and delivery
  • Postnatal breathing techniques
  • Exercises to realign your cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine
  • Exercises to close your body
  • A resting and restorative pose
  • The safest and best postpartum technique to get up from the floor

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Why this guide?

>>Because moms need something that they can do to close their bodies after the massive expansion they have experienced following pregnancy and birthing a baby.

>>Because moms need to realign their body after carrying a baby inside of them for so many months.

>>Because moms need time to heal, rest, rejuvenate and restore.

>>Because moms need to reconnect with their core and pelvic floor.

>>Because moms need to reconnect with themselves.

>>Because moms need to adjust to their postpartum body that is no longer carrying and growing a baby on the inside, but isn’t yet feeling like their pre-pregnancy body

>Because moms need some time for self-care

What is the goal of this guide?

This guide includes gentle exercises that will start you on your path to recovery postpartum. You are in the very early stages of healing and the exercises contained in this guide will help you begin that process.

The goal of these exercises is to help heal your body from your pregnancy and birth experience, no matter how far along you are in your postpartum journey.

You do NOT have to wait until your first follow up–typically 6 weeks–before you can start doing some exercise. These exercises are so gentle and so appropriate for the newly postpartum mama.

You may even find them to be so beneficial that you continue to do them past the immediate postpartum phase!

If you are further along than the newborn phase, this guide will help you begin to heal and rehab your pelvic floor and core.

Don't make this mistake

Too often I see moms fall into one of two camps: They either do no exercise until their postpartum follow up with their OB, or they do way too much too soon.

Neither approach is a good one. 

And neither approach is their fault. There is not enough guidance from the medical field or from our own doctors, midwives or OB’s regarding beginning exercise and returning to our pre-pregnancy activities.

If you do not take the time to heal your body and reconnect with your pelvic floor, you are at risk for worsening or developing pelvic floor issues (such as incontinence, pelvic/low back pain, joint pain, etc.). And this is true no matter how far postpartum you are. 

You cannot, and I repeat, cannot, do nothing until 6 weeks postpartum and then jump right back into your “regular” exercise routine, whatever that was. This puts you at risk for pelvic floor dysfunction as well as risk for other sports or orthopedic injuries.

And, if you’re overly eager and jump in to doing your “normal” exercises too early, you put yourself at risk for pelvic floor issues or orthopedic injury as well.

Rebuilding your body to be strong and fit back to your pre-pregnancy levels starts here.

Activating your core and pelvic floor, working on posture and realignment….all of this sets you up with a great foundation for gradually progressing back to your prior level of activity.

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Who this is for

This exercise guide is for ALL postpartum mamas:

  • regardless of your method of delivery
  • regardless of how long it has been since you delivered your last baby

>>Perfect for mamas who are immediately postpartum who want to start exercising right away and who want to begin healing and recovering from their pregnancy and birth experience.

>Exercises are also appropriate for those who are further out postpartum in terms of weeks, months or years, who might be experiencing pelvic floor issues, or find that they still need some healing from their birth experience.

How does it work?

This is a super easy 18 page PDF download.  This is a self-led guide.

You can follow the exercises right in the comfort of your own home! You don’t need any equipment at all.

You can get started as soon as your guide downloads!

My Story

After the birth of my second child in 2018, I performed these very exercises as developed by Birthlight ( to help me heal and to essentially “close” my body after so much opening, giving and vulnerability following pregnancy, labor and delivery.

The fourth trimester can be an overwhelming, beautiful, demanding, and unknown time for many mothers, whether it’s your first or your 5th child. Every pregnancy, postpartum period and child is different!

Even though I had my beautiful son Earthside, I felt this unsettling sense of emptiness inside me.

Pregnancy is a long time to grown and nurture a baby inside. I now had to learn how to nurture him on the outside. And I had to learn how to adjust to my new body and this new phase of motherhood.

I started the Birthlight exercises almost immediately postpartum and continued them for several weeks after giving birth.

I found the postpartum exercises to be gentle, intentional, much needed and they just felt really, really good to my tired, sore and fatigued postpartum body. Realigning my spine felt so good after so much time spent sitting, nursing, holding and carrying my little one.

Initially, I did the exercises almost daily, then as I became stronger and the weeks went by, I tapered off the frequency as I began incorporating other exercises into my rehab program.

I did the exercises again after the birth of my daughter in 2020. I still do some of the exercises on a regular basis because they make me feel rejuvenated, relaxed and refreshed after doing them.

I hope that you’ll download your free guide today and that you find these exercises to be as beneficial as I have.


What’s Next?

After doing these exercises, you’re ready for the next step…

Restoring your core and pelvic floor doesn’t have to be complicated or lengthy to get back to running postpartum.

Learn how to get back to running ASAP after having your baby while healing AND preventing things like injury, pain or pelvic floor dysfunction.

Join the 16 Week Postpartum Return to Run Program: Guided support to get back to running pain free by healing your core and pelvic floor.