Client Success Stories

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I’ve been looking for a good exercise program since after having a baby, especially since I had to be on bed rest for part of my pregnancy. (It’s been a few months already actually). There are so many programs out there, but as a medical doctor, I didn’t want to just get anything from the internet that may or may not work, or may or may not be safe. Rachel has true expertise, and her program was just perfect for me! I actually had time to stick to it even in my schedule as a busy mom. As I went through the exercises, I felt my strength and endurance slowly returning. After completing it, I was able to jog again for the first time in more than two years. 

–Victoria A

Very informative guide about all things running while pregnant, great to see up to date data on Heart Rate and running intensity throughout the different phases of pregnancy…I liked seeing the need for a decrease in intensity/pace because I felt like I was the only one struggling with pacing/HR…I like seeing the updated ACOG guidelines with HR and perceived exertion – I know I like having specific guidelines to follow instead of generalizing.”

–Hillary w., Runner for 20 years and a first time Mom at 30 weeks pregnant

“I would like to thank you for your time and patience in helping me regain a ‘normal’ shoulder. I can now do the backstroke–perfectly–and can, once again, beat all family members. I have been enjoying downhill skiing during this wonderful winter weather–and am thrilled that I have no pain during or after skiing–Yeah!”–Jane M.

“Thanks again for getting me on the right track.”–Marie C.

“She is the best therapist I ever had. I can’t say enough about her.”–Shelly M.

“[Anonymous] just pulled me aside and just raved about you. She thinks you are amazing…Thank you for all you do, you make a difference in patients’ lives.”–KS

“Excellent improvement in my mobility. Thank you very much Rachel.”–Anonymous

“Rachel is a wonderful, caring person. She helped me a lot to get my strength back.”–Anonymous

“Rachel was able to diagnose my problem correctly after examination. The treatment, manipulation, warm ups, exercises were very effective.” –Anonymous

“Just a note of thanks for all your help…Your kindness during a time when I wasn’t so sure this had been a good idea was greatly appreciated! Your skills and kindness were so helpful and encouraging.”–Jeanine M.