Return to Run Postpartum Program

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Learn how to get back to running ASAP after having your baby while healing AND preventing things like injury, pain or pelvic floor dysfunction.

I help moms get back to running successfully after having their baby without pain, injury or pelvic floor issues.

I coach new and experienced Moms to step back into running successfully, without pelvic floor dysfunction, pain or discomfort. If you’re a tired, busy mom who wants to get back into running so you can feel like your old self, book a Return to Run Planning Session.

Together we will talk about how you can plan out your journey to a pain free running routine so you can stop feeling sluggish and start feeling strong.

You’re a runner at heart, but the role as “Mom” is taking up all your time and energy.

Whether this is your first or your 4th baby, you’re likely tired and exhausted from caring for a newborn. You’re dying to get back to running, mentally, but physically, you just can’t fathom how you’ll have the time or the energy for anything….

Feel like yourself again while saving your precious time. No more pain and discomfort, just the pure joy of completing your last mile!

Because of my own struggles to get back into running after pregnancy, I’ve developed a Mother Runner Method that helped me gain consistency in my running. Through this method I’ve shifted from taking 15 months to complete a half marathon to only taking 9 months after pregnancy.

I’ve refined this method and put it into my signature Return to Run Postpartum Program so other moms, like you, don’t struggle or take more time than necessary to continue your fitness journey.

Not only will you heal your pelvic floor, but you’ll strengthen your core, prevent injuries and get back to running with only a short weekly time commitment, because I know first hand that your time and energy is at an absolute premium right now!