Brandi’s Story

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How my client Brandi went from having pelvic pain and being barely able to walk in pregnancy to running and pain free postpartum

In this video below, I’m going to show you how Brandi went from getting around with a walker to being able to play volleyball, pick up and carry her kids, and do all of the “regular” mom things that don’t stop when you do!

When I met Brandi, she was desperate to heal her pelvic pain postpartum. She had severe SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction) in pregnancy and even had to get around using a walker.

When her baby was born, she couldn’t carry him without pain. She couldn’t lift her 2yo out of his high chair. She couldn’t go grocery shopping because it was too far to walk. She couldn’t stand to do dishes, carry a laundry basket or stand long enough to prepare a meal. 

She felt like she couldn’t be the mom she wanted and needed to be for her kids.

She felt like she was stuck in a pain cycle and her doctor’s advice to “just rest” and not to lift anything was completely frustrating! What new mom can just rest? How was she to get her child in the car if she couldn’t carry him in the car seat? Or carry him up stairs to change his diaper?

She was near the edge of giving up and just accepting that she would have pain forever.

And I get it. When you struggle to heal your pelvic floor, it can seem impossible to ever be pain free again and get back to your regular daily activities, let alone walking, running, or exercising again.

But don’t give up. You just haven’t found the right strategy. 

Brandi and I worked together for the last few months. But she started seeing improvements in just a few short weeks. 

In just 4 weeks, she went from having to use a scooter to get around Costco to being able to walk the entire store while holding and nursing her baby.

By 8 weeks into the program, she was able to walk for 30 minutes continuously, including hills, without any pain. She also noticed at that time that she could lift both her toddler and her baby without any pain. 

By 12 weeks into the program, she was able to play volleyball for the first time in YEARS without any pelvic pain or even any leg soreness! She attributes that to all the squats she’d been doing!

And now, she’s looking forward to running a 5k. She’s never been a runner before, but she signed up to the program with the goal of being one by the end!!

She also relates how grateful she is to be able to do normal ‘mom’ things as well as household chores again without pain. She feels that she’s got her life back and it has been so much more than becoming a runner for her. 

If you want to heal your pain and your pelvic floor postpartum and get back to running successfully, like Brandi, the Postpartum Return to Run Program is where those results happen!

This program is for postpartum moms who want to run and live life pain free, without leaking, prolapse or diastasis. 

If you want the same results as Brandi, book a free Return to Run Planning Session and let’s chat!