4 Tips on Running with Baby in Cold Weather

YES! You can keep running with Baby through the colder months!

Whether they’re still in baby phase and in a car seat adapter (check with your stroller manufacturer on safety/age of running with an adapter) or sitting in the “big kid” seat, follow these tips so you can both enjoy the outdoors safely.

1. How to Dress Baby

Laughing young toddler dressed in snowsuit and hat, the perfect way to dress when you're running with Baby in the winter.

It’s best to consider what you’re wearing given the temps and add a layer for your baby or toddler.

Also, remember that you’re running and moving so producing your own body heat, but your little one isn’t. So consider what you would wear if you were to just go outside, running gear aside. This will give you a better idea of how to dress your little one.

Layers, layers, layers!

Some suggest a rule of 3’s for the number of layers. Start with a one piece sleeper for babies, or a thin footless pj or top and bottom for toddlers. Think of this as their base layer. 

Then, add a long sleeve shirt and pants or for babies, a heavier sleeper on top. Finish with a snow suit or bunting. 

Don’t forget a warm hat–one with ear flaps or a velcro piece under the chin is nice because it can help keep more of the face covered and protected. 

Choose mittens over gloves as little hands stay warmer when the fingers are close together. 

For toddlers, a pair of warm socks with boots is essential. For babies, you can put booties on, or if they’re in a one piece bunting, a pair of warm socks underneath will do.

2. Other Gear Essentials for Running with Baby

If it’s really cold out, add a blanket around your baby or toddler. You can also get a footmuff or a zip in blanket pending your stroller make/style.

A weathershield can be helpful in keeping wind out and heat in. It’s not just for rain!

Also consider sunglasses or using the car seat or stroller canopy to shield your little one’s eyes from snow glare.

You can put aquaphor or vaseline on little cheeks to protect from the wind. 

And you can even put a hot water bottle under the blanket for added warmth!

3. Consider the Conditions before Running with Baby

Consider what it’s going to be like outside before deciding on running with Baby.

For example, if it’s dark out, it’s going to be a lot colder than if you wait for the sun. (Don’t forget high visibility gear for you and your stroller if you do start your run before the sun rises.)

Waiting until temperatures rise as the day progresses, will make the run much more enjoyable for you both.

Check weather and road conditions. Consider wind chill and the surface you’ll be running on. If it’s going to be particularly icy, you may want to wait until conditions improve. If the surface is more snow packed or crunchy, you’ll be safer and better off. Remember traction for your own shoes when running in sub-optimal conditions.

4. How Cold is Too Cold for Running with Baby?

Information seems to vary on this one. I’ve seen variability from -15F to temps in the 30’sF as cut offs for taking your little one out in the cold. 

I think it really comes down to what you’re comfortable with, how long you intend to be outside, whether it’s sunny or overcast, windy or not, etc.

When in doubt, don’t go out.

If you do decide to head out, make sure to check on your little one often to ensure he or she is warm enough. Remember that young babies don’t have the capability to shiver so this is not a reliable sign. Verbal toddlers, on the other hand, will be able to tell you if they’re too cold.

Other signs to watch for include: sleepiness/low energy, bright red, white, bluish-white or grayish-yellow colored skin, a weak pulse, confusion, loss of consciousness or a prickly, pins-and-needles feeling.

In summary

You can absolutely continue running with Baby outside through the colder months. Just be sure to check the weather and road conditions and to dress appropriately.

Most little ones enjoy being outside in the brisk air. For some it energizes them and for others, they will promptly take a nap once you set them in motion!!

Some Final Thoughts

Having trouble fitting in your runs in the winter?

Too cold for you and/or Baby?

Not into running on snow with the stroller?

Having trouble fitting in your runs, period? Read on here for other options for running when you have kids and how to fit it all in.


I’d love to hear from you! What are your tips and tricks for running with Baby through the winter months? Drop your answers below!

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