Postpartum Return to Run Coaching

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I remember one Saturday when I brought my kids out for a “molasses run.” For me, this is the kind of run where my body just feels tired. Nothing specifically hurts, mentally I feel fine, but it’s just like a total body fatigue. I couldn’t run faster or further if I wanted to.

At first, I thought, What’s going on today? Why does this feel so difficult?

And now on reflection, I’m totally embracing it and loving it!!

Let me explain.

My runs previously, both in pregnancy and postpartum, have been led by pelvic joint pain or discomfort. I have had to run at this “pain threshold” for a long time. 

It was never my legs or my breathing that were limiting factors. It was always this pubic joint discomfort, lower ab soreness (right where they connect to this joint area) or my inner thighs screaming with their effort at trying to stabilize my pelvis.

This was SO true in my second pregnancy and into my postpartum recovery. I couldn’t run the way I wanted to for a LONG time. I couldn’t run as often as I wanted. I couldn’t run as far as I wanted or as fast. 

Postpartum recovery and return to running was not easy for me. I dealt with a lot of frustration, a lot of tears, of not being where I wanted to be.

Reconciling my mental desire to run with the physical capabilities of my body was not easy. It was really hard not to compare my present self with my past self who ran marathons and ultramarathons and did triathlons.

As if pregnancy and caring for a new little one wasn’t hard enough…I didn’t need the extra stress of not being able to do the thing I loved.

Experiencing a long and difficult recovery made me determined not to have the same experience the next time around. 

I’m almost embarrassed to admit the number of things I tried that didn’t work. Not only did I feel like my body was letting me down, but I felt like I was letting myself down by not having the knowledge as a PT to rehab myself!

I realize now, how could I if that wasn’t my specialty at the time? How could I when I literally could find nothing in my searches that matched my specific situation? How could I when the most recent postpartum running guidelines came out a year after I had my son?

I researched, I did continuing ed classes and tried what I already knew. But nothing was working. There were a couple missing links. For example, some programs I found had pelvic floor exercises but no specific translation to daily function, let alone running.

SPD or pelvic pain “programs” and those exercises cited in the literature were vague and of little help. Do “stability” exercises, they said. And yet again, no indication of how that would help me as a mom who wanted to get back to running. 

Or, I found runner’s exercises that weren’t specific to postpartum moms!

I decided that I had to connect the missing links and put it all together. I needed a program that was going to take me from delivery to successfully running again. I have come across nothing like this out there. 

So, I designed my own program by incorporating pelvic floor work with core and stability exercises as well as exercises specific to runners. 

Using this framework of progressive exercise for the mother runner to rebuild core and pelvic floor, my running frequency, duration and intensity improved dramatically!

Not only did my running improve back then, but the exercises also helped get me through my third pregnancy. I had way less pelvic joint pain and was able to run up until 2 days before I delivered! 🥳

Now, after I had my daughter (baby #3), I had a clear, concrete plan in place to follow from delivery onward.

Nothing but success. Complete success. 

So my run on Saturday? Joyous.

No worries about pain, discomfort, or “messing up” my progress or fear of doing the “wrong” things. Been there, done with that!

I am SO happy to have a “molasses” run…when all I feel is some fatigue. Like I had a long week and I have 2 kids at home and I’m running-a-business-not-sleeping-enough type fatigue!! 

And THAT is the kind of thing worth pushing through. THAT is the kind of thing I want and need to push through. I don’t have to be beholden to other limiting factors to my runs 

Because now, I’m starting to feel like a “normal” runner again!!

❓What would having this mean for you❓

🔹️Being able to move smoothly through your postpartum recovery to being able to run without pain, without injury, without pelvic floor issues?

🔹️Just imagine having a training plan in place for after baby arrives: A plan for a successful return to running. No need to guess about what you should be doing. No questioning if you should push through or hold back. No worries about if you’re doing the “right” thing!

🔹️Be able to focus on your baby and your rehab without having to piece it all together yourself. Avoid the stress and the frustration of having to get back out there on your own.

🔹️If this sounds like you, and you’re so ready to get back to running postpartum without injury or pelvic floor issues, I have only 4 spots left for my Postpartum Return to Run Program.

Join me for a 4 month postpartum return to run program.

We’ll start with the basics and work our way up to higher level activities and get you running again, safely & successfully–without injury, without pain and without pelvic floor issues, like leaking.

This is for you if:

  • You’re a mom
  • You want to get back to running after having a baby
  • You can carve out 15-30 minutes for exercise 3-4 days a week
  • You’re motivated and willing to do the work consistently
  • You realize that healing and progressing strength takes time and you’re willing to trust the process
  • You’re ready to invest in your health, well-being and injury prevention to ensure a successful return to running

  What you’ll get:

  • 4 months of coaching for returning to run
  • 2x monthly (8 total) group coaching calls with complete access to me to have all your questions answered
  • (1) one:one call, including return to run readiness assessment
  • Weekly exercise videos to progressively build core and pelvic floor strength
  • Access to private client FB group to ask questions between calls and for accountability and community

More info:

If you’re ready to get back to running postpartum with a super hands-on approach and individualized attention, send me a message at We can set up your FREE Postpartum Return to Running Planning Session to discuss getting you on track with your running and to see if you qualify for this opportunity.